I find my next residence...


The right way to find accommodation

For students and young professionals today, finding somewhere to live can be a real ordeal, due to the housing shortage...

However, you can take several precautions to give yourself the best possible chance:

– Anticipate

Indeed, don’t wait until you get your exam results to book your accommodation – places are scarce! Anticipate by pre-booking: with ARPEJ you’re not financially committed if by any chance your exam results are poor


– Save time by completing your application form in full

To book your accommodation, you’ll be asked to provide several supporting documents (click here for details). Make sure that your application form is complete – this will save precious time for the next stage


– Target your residence

Don’t book in too many different places. By targeting one or two residences, your application will be considered to be more credible and taken more seriously. We will then find it easier to allocate housing to you.