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Benefits of the online lease

« Simplicity, speed and peace of mind…»


Updated in real-time

The lists of available accommodation are updated in real time. No more nasty surprises concerning available accommodation that turns out to be already taken…


Discover your future accommodation without having to travel

If you don’t have time to visit your future home, we can offer you a virtual tour of the premises that will give you a complete overview of the accommodation.


No travel required

No more return journeys to pick up documents, fill them in and bring them back. You can now do everything at home on your computer in just a few clicks by following our online guidance…


No obligation

To increase your chances of having accommodation at the start of the academic year, take the precaution of enrolling on a waiting list in April. This enrolment requires no financial commitment on your part – you can cancel this pre-booking at no charge.


Keep track of your application in real time

By booking your accommodation with the online lease, you can monitor the progress of your application at each stage, with the assurance of keeping informed throughout the allocation process.


Speedy response

You can’t beat a responsive service! We do everything in our power to respond to your requests within 48 hours (business days).


No more writing letters and waiting for replies

Just download the forms, fill them in and send them back. Time spent waiting for letters to be sent and delivered is a thing of the past. Now, you simply fill in your application on our website, download the documents to be provided and then simply send us your completed application in a single click.