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Flexible leases

« Students, young professionals, researchers?? We have the perfect lease for you… »

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Adapting to each person’s academic or professional constraints is a priority for ARPEJ.

We also offer very flexible rental contracts (leases).


perso etudiant

Samuel is a student

and lives with his parents in Chartres. At the start of the academic year, he will be joining a college in Paris to study for his master’s degree in Business Law. For peace of mind during his course, he has chosen to live in an ARPEJ Univercity® residence (accommodation equipped for students) in which his lease can be tacitly renewed each year. This is the ideal solution for both Samuel and his parents. He can start his course with no worries.

perso femme

Louise is a young professional,

working in the telecommunications sector. Her job involves several periods of travel throughout France for variable periods (2-3 months). To adapt to this lifestyle, ARPEJ offers her a 3-month lease in an ARPEJ Prolog® residence (accommodation equipped to suit young professionals) for one of her assignments. And if required for professional reasons, Louise can also leave her accommodation very quickly thanks to a reduced notice period (8 days), which is specific to accommodation for young professionals.

perso chercheur

Paul is a researcher,

specialising in astronomy for over 20 years. His job requires him to work in Grenoble on a regular basis, where he gives lectures in universities and grandes écoles (prestigious colleges of higher education). In order meet his need for short-term accommodation, ARPEJ offers him a solution in one if its ARPEJ Axihome® residences (accommodation designed to suit researchers) in which the minimum lease period is one month. Furthermore, these accommodation units are equipped with a microwave oven, crockery set, duvet and pillows for complete self-sufficiency throughout the duration of the stay.