A social and solidarity economy player

Here, at ARPEJ, we seek to reconcile economic activity and social utility, with the aim of creating student accommodation and fostering greater social cohesion. Every day we do our utmost to best meet residents' expectations.

Arpej is dedicated to ensuring its tenants fulfil their goals. Our Association’s ambition goes far beyond just providing accommodation to young people. Our main aim is to provide high-quality, functional student accommodation, enhanced by services which are unifying and lead the way to greater independence. We are a player committed to finding accommodation for young people and we strive to be highly versatile; community-based management with residents, partnerships with higher education establishments, universities, student associations and local authorities, as well as initiating activities focusing on exchange and creating social cohesion.

  • Innovative residences fostering social cohesion;
  • Services for tenants encouraging their personal, educational and professional projects. 

Why choose Arpej, a social and solidarity establishment?

Humans are our focus in everything we do.

Above all for the interest the jobs and missions which we propose procure.

Secondly, because working in this ecosystem is in keeping with values, your values, can’t-do-without prerequisites.

And, finally, because Arpej employees feel that their work is useful to others in society. Their work focuses on the common good, general public interest. If ever you need a sense of meaning in your work, then join us. You’ll be proud to know you wake up every morning and make a positive impact on the world through your work. 

Join us and help young people find accommodation!

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