Our commun spaces

Relax, work...on your own or with others. Discover our communal spaces specially created to make your everyday life easier!

Rooms to meet and socialize 

We also provide our residents with meeting rooms : “Life Place” and “ Work Place”. These rooms are specially designed to enable you to meet and exchange in a convivial and relaxed environment. Whether you want to chat with your friends, work on an academic or professional project, or simply relax, these rooms are at your disposal. 

The Life Place, a variety of activities and a great vibe 

Open to all residents, the Life Place is definitely the ideal place to meet new people and forge social links. If you’re looking forward to meeting new persons, you shouldn’t miss the events that your residence organizes throughout the year. 

You can book the Life Place for particular events, such as birthday parties, where you can invite your family and your friends, directly on our  MyArpej app ! It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy quality time with your loved ones in a warm and welcoming environment. This will also give them the chance to discover where you live. 

The life place is also  a place where you can go when you feel like leaving your apartment, to clear your head. 

The work place, a peaceful place to work 

If you’re struggling to find motivation to study at home or if you’re having periods of remote working, the Work Place is the right place for you ! 

The Work Place is a working room that is at our residents’ disposal on request. This room is designed to offer a quiet space where residents can meet in peace and tranquility. 

Our working spaces are equipped with high-speed internet connection, power sockets and spacious work tables, which allows you to work efficiently on your academic or professional projects. 

At ARPEJ, we understand how activities and socializing are essential to creating warm and friendly atmosphere in our residences.