A dedicated and available team

Our experienced teams of managers of student and young professionals residences are here to support you, listen to you and look after your well being.

At ARPEJ, we aim to create a welcoming environment that encourages personal fulfilment, thanks to quality accomadations ans adapted services to each resident’s profile. 

A team of experts to offer you the best living experience  

ARPEJ, is first and foremost an association supported by a team of experienced professionals. Every day, We work to provide you with a safe and pleasant living environment. 

We believe that the quality of our team contributes to your success. That’s why we invest in the training and the development of our staff. This enables us to offer you the best possible service. 

Our collaborators are here for you! 

In each of our residences, we have a dedicated team that ensures a good management of our students and young professionals residences :

  • They maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of the communal areas ; 
  • They check that your accomodation is in good working order ; 
  • They ensure the security of the premises ; 
  • They welcome and guide you; 
  • They handle your requests to guarantee  your satisfaction. 

ur residence managers  are experienced managers. They have unique know-how and expetise that enables them to satisfy your needs efficiently and quickly. 

Our desire to be at your side 

At ARPEJ, we are eager to accompany you throughout your life as a student or a young professional. We are by your side in each step of your journey, because we believe that the quality of your accomodation and your living environment are key elements for your success. 

In each of our residences, a manager is always available. They organize diverse events such as game nights, the ‘galette des rois’ or the residence party. 

The residence’s managers do more than just organizing intern events, they also rely on local associations for various initiatives and themes. These collaborations help strengthen ties and create a solid social network. 

At ARPEJ we are aware that life can sometimes be difficult and unbearable, and that you might need help or support. That’s why we have social workers in our residences that are here to listen to you, to advise you and support you. They answer any question you may have, whether it concerns daily problems , health or professional orientation. 

Our goal is to create a dynamic community in our residences. 

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