Location and flexibility

Welcome to our students’ residences, at the heart of student life.

At ARPEJ we know how proximity to the study and the workplace is crucial to the well-being of our residents. That’s why we have carefully chosen strategic locations for our residences, offering easy access to university campuses, public transport, local amenities and vibrant city life. We firmly believe that location is more than just an adress, it’s the foundation of your student, professional and personal life. 

Proximity to campuses and student life 

When you choose ARPEJ, you are opting for a serene and harmonious student lifestyle. Our residences are always located close to university campuses or higher education establishments, so you can be there within minutes, either on foot or by public transport, reducing the stress of commuting. Moreover, you’ll be immersed in student life, with easy access to libraries, sports facilities and student associations. The ideal location of our residences promotes not only your academic succes, but also your social integration and participation in student life. 

Comfort, safety and convenience 

We deeply care about our residents’ well being. This is why we choose locations that offer a safe environment. Close proximity to shops, restaurants, public transport and health services makes your daily life much easier. So you can concentrate on your studies and/or your professional life with complete peace of mind, knowing that you can manage your daily concerns in a matter of minutes, with transport just metres away to get you where you need to be! 

At ARPEJ, we think that a good location is the key to academic success and well-being of our tenants. We are proud to offer you ideally located residences that favor a harmonious balance between your studies, your work, your social life and your comfort. You’ll never have to go far to reach your friends, your office, attend events or simply enjoy the hectic pace of university life. It’s a real asset to your social and cultural fulfilment.