ARPEJ: an association whose reach goes far beyond managing residences

ARPEJ helps students in our accommodation to achieve self-fulfillment, going well beyond simply renting them a flat. Our role is to create social links in the residences, to promote a social mix and intercultural exchanges. The relation of proximity and the links of trust developed with the tenants represent the Association's added value.

The French ARPEJ, Association des Résidences pour Étudiants et Jeunes (student and young professional residences association), founded in 1989 through a Caisse des dépôts et consignations (French Deposits and Consignments Fund) initiative, manages residences for students, researchers and young professionals on behalf of owners and social landlords.

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An association with a social and solidarity aim

Our ambition goes far beyond just providing accommodation to young people. Our main aim is to provide high-quality, functional student accommodation, enhanced by free services which are unifying and lead the way to greater independence.

ARPEJ is committed to finding accommodation for young people and strives to be highly versatile; community-based management with residents, partnerships with schools, universities, student associations and local authorities as well as initiating activities focusing on exchange and creating social cohesion. We focus on four particular themes which promote our vision through collective actions encouraging engagement :

  • Economic and social autonomy,
  • Social and civic life,
  • Personal fulfilment,
  • Access to long-term accommodation.

Ready-to-live-in student accommodation

Students are proposed fully-equipped accommodation with all the comforts they need to ensure they ‘feel at home’ and fulfil their goals. ARPEJ accommodation is subsidized, which means that those on a small budget may be eligible for housing allowance and, as such, substantially reduce their monthly outlays.

A pleasant, friendly place to live reaches far beyond the walls of the actual dwelling. Closeness to the place of study and access to tailored services are just as vital to make settling into student life as stress-free as possible. We are perfectly aware that the needs of a student are different from those of a young professional or a researcher. Consequently, we strive to ensure each profile benefits from services tailored to the demands of their everyday life. Young people are welcomed under optimal conditions with an across-the-board panel of services :

  • Staff on hand,
  • Unlimited Internet accessible to all,
  • Laundry permanently open,
  • Bike place and car park,
  • Study room bookable on request,
  • Club Space for relaxing and leisure,
  • Surveillance and security services ensuring safety,
  • Technical support for everyday life matters.

ARPEJ residences: living, inspiring, unifying spaces


It goes without saying that, as a social and solidarity economy player, ARPEJ invites its residents to share with others rather than face their studies alone. A host of initiatives have been rolled out to ensure the residence is a place for sharing and living. Throughout the year, we propose collaborative events so young people can get together and enjoy a friendly, festive atmosphere.

In addition to one-off events, ARPEJ ensures its residences are places open to current awareness. Shared gardens and beehives invite residents to gain insight into the wealth of biodiversity. Social cohesion is also enriched through educational support and solidarity actions with countries undergoing rehabilitation. A concrete step in the social and economic fabric is taken through actions designed to reduce territorial divides. We will soon be making an application available to young residents which will enable them to stay informed, interact and carry out all their formalities intuitively. These projects are all supported by innovative, committed partnerships with local players from a wide range of services.

ARPEJ is positioned as a key player in student life. In addition to facilitating access to accommodation, the teams are committed and dedicate their cause to socialization, through collective actions encouraging engagement.

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