HR Culture and Values

Our values inspire us on a daily basis, we embrace them, we share them.

ARPEJ culture is based on the spirit of innovation and responsibility. Our conception of management enables our executives to innovate, manage a team, work in a network, learn independently and lastly know how to delegate.

  • Solidarity, our success is based on sharing challenges;
  • Excellence : at Arpej, we don’t try to find “a” solution but THE solution for tenants;
  • The associative project : Unite the different players around a shared association project, prolonging our statutes, reasserting our values and setting goals : to innovate, diversify and grow;
  • Social responsibility:  an Association that is committed each year to implementing concrete initiatives in line with our CSR policy;
  • Human and cultural diversity:  equal opportunities at Arpej is not merely an expression but a real principle. On a daily basis, the principle is strictly respected in our recruitment policy and in career development.
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