To come up ! A new résidence in la Garenne-Colombes

A student residence with 157unit is being built in La Garenne-Colombes and will be managed by ARPEJ.

ARPEJ continues its development with the management of new residences in order to meet the growing need of young people in terms of housing. It is in La Garenne-Colombes (92) that this new residence will see the light of day and will be added to the 7 other residences managed by ARPEJ in the Hauts-de-Seine department.

While waiting for the opening, look back at the laying of the first stone where the future student residence is currently under construction !?

Interview with… Corinne Tardiff, Director of development and construction in Logirep

The resolutely modern vision of our founder, Eugene Claudius-Petit, more than ever, to inspire the women and men of the Polylogis group. To “house more” and respond to the deep housing crisis, creativity is essential. Polylogis has made the choice to evolve its traditional social landlord model, by integrating urban assembly skills. This gives them the ability to respond more effectively, at the city and territorial levels.

Portrait Corinne Tardiff
Corinne Tardiff, Director of
 Development and Construction

The Group has always focused on putting people at the centre of its thinking. This is the basis of its “better housing” approach. Because needs change, we must constantly listen and innovate. This is what enabled Polylogis, as of June 2020, to lay the foundation for post-COVID-19 housing for its construction and renovation operations, starting in 2022. Ultimately, it is a true philosophy that animates Polylogis: to create social value and to be useful to the Society «with a great S».

LogiRep is currently building 15 unit in a student residence in La Garenne-Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine). It is extremely well located, close to the town hall, local shops and the T2 tram, between the Leonardo da Vinci and Nanterre university centres. It will be the first student residence built in the town of La Garenne-Colombes. We have been working with ARPEJ for several years to develop this project, which is taking shape today, and for which we have just laid the foundation stone on December 16. Together we thought a lot to the materials, services and level of comfort and services to be implemented in this future residence, in compliance with the LogiRep and ARPEJ specifications.

future residence under construction

The Garenne-Colombes will be the 11th student residence property of LogiRep.

A historical subsidiary of Polylogis, LogiRep has chosen for many years to outsource the management of its residences for young people, students and workers. The partnership with ARPEJ is long-term and brings complete satisfaction. Indeed, the functioning between the partners is fluid, the information is regular, and the quality of service provided by ARPEJ to its residents is appreciated. LogiRep also noticed that ARPEJ has an active policy of support and assitance for students who live in its residences. In view of these factors, ARPEJ is one of its preferred partners. LogiRep will ensure that this fruitful partnership continues and develops.