Our innovations

ARPEJ just signed a partnership with ZFITNESS

A partnership for the body and the mind that aims to make sports practice accessible to all our tenants by making available more than 380 videos of training online and live !

ARPEJ defends the values of sport, and especially its health benefits. It is a great ally for immune defences and general well-being and The period we are currently going through proves that every day. We all need SPORT !

Dealing with the pandemic, the Innovation Department is doing everything in its power to offer tenants activities and services to help combat the social isolation.

Regular or intensive sports contribute to the prevention of many chronic and/or mental illnesses.

To meet this growing need, ARPEJ and Z-Fitness worked together to create a three-year partnership for all tenants, now close to 11,000.

Our goal is to offer all tenants the opportunity to practice sport alone or with friends, on a daily basis and easily no matter where or when.
MARINE KARSENTI Responsable Innovation et Partenariats.

What is this feeling that comes over us after an intensive session of sports ? We are emptied, washed away… but also completely relaxed and serene. Practiced with reason, sport allows to feel better with ourselves and to gain energy over the long term.


  • Sitting for more than ten hours a day reduces our life expectancy by eight years.
  • The OMS recommends a minimum of 2h30 of moderate physical activity per week for 18-64 year olds.


Each tenant with their own codes connects to the platform from a smartphone – Tablet and Computer 24hr/7jr.

More than 300 rich and varied videos accessible to all tenants :

Abdominals – Dances – Cardio Boxing – Thighs – Hiit – Caf – Body Sculpt – Yoga – Pilates – Stretching … In 3 levels of practice: Initiation – Intermediate – Advanced.

All courses are based on 4 pillars:

High Quality – Safety – Usability – Efficiency.

All of the Masters Trainers are state graduates nationally and internationally known.


  • Combat sedentary lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease;
  • Improve attention, concentration and other brain functions, (important when students are reviewing);
  • Improve physical condition and self-confidence ;
  • Maintain good mental health ;
  • Improve sleep ;
  • Reduce stress ;

Get your sneakers on !