Our innovations

My ARPEJ: the app that simplifies your procedures !

ARPEJ launches its new My ARPEJ app for residents, check it out ⬇️

An application that accompanies you in real time

With the My ARPEJ app, your steps in just a few clicks: notice of deadline, account balance, news and events about the residence…and much more!

✅Pay your fee online in just a few clicks

✅Stay informed of events planned in your residence, find your contacts and discover practical tips

✅Book the common areas of your residence and follow the ARPEJ news live !

Available now on Google Play and the App Store !

First connection? It’s simple!

Simply enter your tenant number (the last 6 digits from the right) which is on your notice of expiry, your email and your mobile number.

6 digit tenant number

Once your account is created, take advantage of all the features to simplify your steps and keep you informed in real time of the news of your residence !

Download the My ARPEJ app now !