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ARPEJ x WELCO partnership

Promoting encounters between neighbours by helping each other through an application that makes it possible to pick up packages from neighbours.

In recent weeks, ARPEJ and Welco have set up a partnership for ARPEJ residents . The aim is to offer residents the opportunity to participate in an innovative and humane initiative that will enable them to obtain additional income.

What is WELCO ?

The young startup has created the first platform for connecting neighbours to facilitate pckages pick up. This innovative solution offers you to become neighbouring relay. So, you only need to collect parcels for your neighbours when they are absent at the time of delivery.

  • By becoming a nearby relay you receive a compensation up to €10 per day. A simple and not negligible way to round off your ends of every month while staying at home !

  • Becoming relay neighbours is also contributing to the reduction of co2 emissions in your city, indeed, each delivery failure generates a second pass of delivery drivers. With the community of relay neighbours, Welco aims to reduce these unnecessary return trips in order to make the delivery more co-responsible.

  • In addition to filling your wallet, doing good to the planet and helping your neighbourhood, Welco’s solution will allow you to meet your neighbours. Knowing that in France 20% of the population lives alone and that this phenomenon is accentuated among students, it is an unprecedented opportunity to create social ties.

Why does ARPEJ support WELCO?

Arpej is committed to improving the living conditions of students and Welco can contribute to this. This is one of the existing synergies that carries this partnership. By becoming relay neighbours, tenants of our residences will be able to create additional income and benefit from social exchanges which, we hope, will help them to fight against student precariousness and social isolation caused by the current health crisis.

Moreover, we find ourselves perfectly in line with common values such as innovation and living together.

Indeed, innovation is at the heart of our concerns to respond to current challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow in order to offer the best of services to our target: digital natives. At the same time, Welco and its connected solution aim to adapt to the social and environmental challenges that will ultimately affect the younger generations. Therefore, it is interesting that our tenants participate in this innovative alternative of package pick up.

Learn more about Welco : https://www.welco.io/