Our innovations

Shared gardens in residence!

ARPEJ is committed to the economy and continues, in collaboration with its partners, the oyster culture as well as shared gardens in residence.

As part of the ongoing support of residents, ARPEJ is developing innovative partnerships to develop activities for its tenants.

Promoting biodiversity

Among them, we find the partnership with Vert le Jardin that was concluded in 2020 to allow the first project of open ground garden in the region to see the light of day on the site of the Technopôle residence in Brest.??‍?

The garden covers an area of 100 m2 and consists of ten communal plots.

Accompanied by the Brest structure Vert le Jardin, ten gardening workshops were given during the 2020/2021 academic year, the opportunity for the residents to grow vegetables and aromatics but also to dedicate one of the plots to the cultivation of the potato, in order to donate it to the Secours populaire of Brest!

The succession is assured as new students continue to take care of the garden in this new year.

“Gardening is fun! It energizes, it changes ideas.” Clémence, resident ARPEJ.

Create a link

This project is part of ARPEJ’s desire to work with local expert partners in their territory. Indeed, these activities make it possible to raise the awareness of young people, both on ecological issues and on the food balance, through collective workshops organized in the residences.

Moreover, these regular meetings prove to be an effective and sustainable way to create links between residents.

Also discover the gardening workshops in the Nicolas Appert residence in Ivry-sur-Seine!

In Ivry sur Seine, a dozen residents recently participated in a gardening workshop.

Accompanied by our partner from Paris, Champs Libre, the residents learned how to maintain the above-ground bins at the foot of their building and acquired new knowledge about seasonal products and their nutritional qualities.

On the program: plant strawberries, salads and spices for this summer and take advantage of this friendly time to discuss with residents and share tips and recipes easy, healthy and gourmet!

In a few months, growing vegetables will have no secrets for them ?

While waiting for the harvest, return to this workshop in pictures.