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Review of the campaign : «No sexual relations without consent»

Over the past few weeks, ARPEJ has put up posters in its 70 residences that have recently questioned all tenants about the notion of sexual consent.

What is this campaign about ?

ARPEJ, in partnership with Le Planning Familial, is launching the « No sexual relations without consent » campaign in its residences, designed by L’Espace Santé Étudiants Bordeaux et l’ ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine – Regional Health Agency.

The objective ? Making residents aware of consent, as a prerequisite for an egalitarian and respectful relationship between two people.

In addition to this advertising campain, ARPEJ has called on Planning Familial professionals who offer to answer in a confidential manner the questions of residents thanks to a hotline made available.

Why did Arpej start this project ?

ARPEJ is an association that goes far beyond the occupation of residence manager. We support young people on the path of self-fulfilment, far beyond renting them accommodation.

Our role is to create social ties within the residences, to foster social diversity and live together. The subject of consent is a very current topic, so we wanted to allow ourselves to think about sexual consent, the desire and limit of each individual, the respect for others and self and contribute to work for better awarness especially for our young audience.

8 Mont-Blanc interview with Anne Gobin at JT of March 22 presented by Sébastien Germain

There is probably still a lot of awarness work to be done, this is even more true for our young residents who are at the beginning of their emotional and sexual lives.
Anne GOBIN Directeur Général