Why should you join us?

By joining ARPEJ, you'll have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment in an association charged with meaning and values. We're convinced that it's always easier to be achievers by being supportive of each other and by thinking collectively.

Joining ARPEJ means most of all joining an association enabling you to fulfill your ambitions within a responsible framework of solidarity. The main aim of ARPEJ is to provide staff with a serene and motivating work environment.

Contributing to the growth of student accommodation

At ARPEJ, we know that values only have meaning if they are shared and put into practice.  To support the rising demand for student accommodation, we  must always be reactive. This commitment is expressed in terms of social dialogue and recruitment policies.

Diversity, a strong HR policy commitment

At ARPEJ, we promote diversity and equality in all sectors and at every level of professional life in order to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Over half of our staff are women.

Support from the word go

At ARPEJ, we support new employees right from their arrival. We will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to do your job. Our aim is also to help you become fully part  of the Association.

You will be invited to an integration meeting. It will give you details about the association, the communication tools and our resource centres.

Developing team spirit

Our work is generally done in teams, and the ARPEJ co-workers will share information, experience, knowledge and good practices.

As a member of staff, you will have the possibility and opportunity to:

  • Do your job in a dynamic environment,
  • Work on varied and interesting projects,
  • Benefit from training to expand your skills,
  • Take advantage of internal promotion,
  • Share knowledge and good pratices thanks to innovative internal communications tools.

Enjoy motivating work conditions

Our remuneration policy combines fixed and variable salaries for all, based on results.

We also pay close attention to the quality our teams’ working environment.

And… you are sure to find an attractive site to suit you.

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